About this role
As a full stack engineering hire with an emphasis on frontend, you will be working closely with the entire team (we are small and scrappy) to build and own a delightfully unique product experience. Your responsibilities will include: work on impactful features for a full fledged pay per view video platform; support existing codebase in Go, Typescr…
Visa sponsorship not available
Unfortunately we will not be able to sponsor visas at this time
Full-time position
This is a full time, W2 role and not C2C or for contracters
On-site work policy
We are fully in person in san francisco


We’re looking for a frontend leaning fullstack engineer to join our team! Ideally the candidate should be passionate and curious about our product and the broader creator economy. Although we are looking for a more frontend leaning candidate who has a strong sense of UI/UX design, it’s also important that they are able to do some backend and curious to learn it in case they need to help support other parts of the stack! The candidate should have 4+ years of React, Javascript/Typescript experience. It’s a plus if the candidate has experience building in the video space. To save your time when sourcing, here are some of the profiles of candidates you should avoid: they would rather work at a big stable company on a small and defined problem scope, they feel uncomfortable when projects and priorities evolve, they are easily stressed out under pressure and uncertainty, and they are not self-motivated and require a lot of handholding. We are looking for candidates with 4-7 years of experience (up to 9 years is okay if we count internships) – ideally folks that graduated between 2013-2018.


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