Job Description

·      Driving and collecting images the entire workday when conditions allow that (e.g., good weather, enough light etc.)

·      Route pre-planning for maximising driving coverage of target area.

·      Ensuring quality of the images by regularly checking system

·      Basic troubleshooting of instrumentation

·      Mailing Hard drive packages and retrieving new deliveries from local UPS/FedEx/DHL/Post office.

·      Loading, handling, and shipping hard drives.

·      Performing vehicle inspection (tire check, fluids level, battery, Client equipment, etc.)

·      Reporting any problems to operations lead

·      Responsible for maintaining vehicle and equipment integrity.

·      May interact occasionally with members of the public, press or local law enforcement.





Terms and Conditions

Over 21 years of age
Clean license of at least 1 year
Secure area to keep work vehicle : must be behind gates/boom and not visible to the public at night
Contract is a temporary contract according to the needs of the target area
40 target kilometres per day minimum. Example: if you drive 100km per day, out of which 40km should be the target km
6.5 hrs of mapping in a 8 hour day
Quality will be measured based on the images accepted or rejected. Example: total images audited is 1000, 950 are accepted and 50 rejected, quality is 95%


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