Client = founded 2015, is a modern age company in software industry, develops cutting edge technology solutions for automotive, telecom and industrial domains.
But first, they have couple of needs, they would like us to provide candidates. All candidates will have coding test and technical discussion. They will not reveal the end customers as we do not have NDA yet.

The software professional we are looking for should be comfortable with at least some of the following:

You are a motivated and enthusiastic Mobile Developer focused on React
You have experience in UX design, eg. working with Figma
You are a self-initiated problem solver.
You know how to communicate through your coding, as well as verbally and in writing.
You possess strong personal vision for current and future technologies, and you are able to implement and adapt it in a flexible manner, according to the needs of our customer, and the project you are working on
It’s important for you to be part of a team that’s worthy of your value, and together build products that are of high-quality both technically, as well as for the user experience they provide
You are always keen to learn and study new technologies