We are a European startup company, building a platform for booking office spaces and coworking spaces.

The company was built in 2020 and currently lists around 800 offices around the world. The main markets currently are London, the UK, Lisbon, and smaller cities around the EU.

For more information visit the website:

We are looking for an entry-level intern who fits the following criteria:

– Speaks English fluently

– Knows Singapore. (Areas, Culture, public transport, and more..)

– Likes to talk to people on the phone

– Has access to a computer and a local phone number

– Can work remotely, (however once a month might need to be required to go into town)

The Job will be in short to get as many workspaces as possible onto the DeskScout platform in Singapore within 1 month. Training will be done in 2 days remotely, and from there on you will be working by yourself and have 1-2 meetings a week over Zoom.

Currently, the payment is 500 SGD a month for the first month, with a 10% increase every 2 months. Your target will be 25 workspaces on the platform per month. You can work 5 hours a week, or 100 a week. It’s all about how you organize yourself, you can be very flexible. For every workspace over 25 signed in a month, you receive an additional 50 SGD bonus.